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A Kong is a MUST NEED TOY!

They come in different shapes and forms but pictured here is the most common type. There is a big hole in the bottom and a small hole on top. They come in different sizes to suit the size of your dog. Shove whatever fits and keep your dog entertained afor hours!


!. Peanut butter and dog's dry food

2. Plain yogurt with dogs dry food

3. Can of sweet potatoes mashed with cheerios(Sweet potatoes are great for upset stomach)

4. Mashed banana with Goldfish crackers

5. Low-sodium chicken or beef broth mixed with dog's dry food

6. Can of green beans and carrots mixed with dog's dry food or cheerios

Special Tips

* Freezing stuffed Kong to keep them occupied longer

* Keep two Kongs to freeze and rotate

* The cold feels good on gums of teething puppies!

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