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Full grown 6 pound Micro

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Same dog as a puppy


Some additional Facebook reviews!


We absolutely are in love with Kona! I can't even begin to tell you how amazing this dog is! Currently 6 months and her trainer says she's by far the smartest puppy she's ever trained and she's been doing this for years. Kona has a lot of energy like any puppy but is so well behaved at the same time! I could not ask for a better dog!

I researched breeders for close to 6 months and I guarantee you won't find anyone nicer and easier to work with than Rose Peek Pomskies! She loves her dogs like children and she puts a lot of thought and love into breeding them, and that's why she gets the best looking dogs!!!!

Rose Peek is the best breeder of Pomskies! We did extensive research when we decided to get a Pomsky, and Rose Peek is definitely the most ethical breeder with the highest quality of puppies. She obviously cares about and loves all of her dogs and puppies and treats them as much more than just a business. She is so wonderful and easy to work with during the entire process and keeps in touch after you pick up your puppy! We ended up getting two puppies and could not be happier! 








Ryder never ceases to amaze us. Since the day we picked him up he has been absolutely amazing. Took only 4weeks to potty train him to go outside. His demeanour with our daughter (who was4yrs when we got him) has been the most gentle and loving. Ryder has been trained by us and has proven to be trusted being walked off leash, he is obedient and extremely well mannered when walking by other dogs. We adore our Pomsky. Roxanne at Rose Peek has been amazing with our entire experience and still 2 yrs later we have contact with her. Hands down this entire experience has been the absolute best we ve had.

We absolutely love our Pomsky Cooper! Well worth the flight from San Francisco! We researched a lot of other breeders and cannot recommend Rose Peek Pomskies enough! -William Langley, Dublin CA


I would like to say thank you to Rose Peek Pomskies for their amazing service, communication, and care of the pups. I am the proud mom of a beautiful white & gray Pomsky named Storm. He has been a blessing in my life and has been a perfect puppy in every way. It is obvious that the owner Roxanne, loves what she does and I commend her for it. She is very professional, knowledgable and easy to talk to. If you are looking for a Pomsky look no further than Rose Peek Pomskies!

We are grateful for the opportunity to adopt Eruption, now Gracie. She’s absolutely precious and has the best personality. We wanted a new puppy to have the same personality as our Pom we lost in the summer of 2017. We got every bit of that. She’s a re-carnation of Jeter, our precious Pom girl. We definitely recommend Rose Peek Pomskies. They are reputable and stand by their puppies. We are definitely considering another puppy in the near future. Thank you Roxanne for this beautiful pup and excellent service.


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