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These are the standars we adhere to as a member of the PCA, you will also see this code of ethics on the PCA site.


-Breeders will maintain the best possible standard of care for their dogs and puppies. This includes proper and adequate diet, Clean living conditions and proper vet care. Aside from young puppies, dogs will not be kept in cages of any kind for long periods of time. Crate training is fine of course but no dog should live in a cage. 


-Breeders will DNA test at least one puppy from all new pairings and submit a copy of the results to the PCA for our archives. 


-Breeders will register all Pomsky puppies with the PCA and require anyone purchasing Pomskies with breeding rights to sign a contract stating that they will register their puppies through the PCA. It is very important that we keep track of our lines if we want to apply for registration with a larger kennel club in the future. It is also an important measure to ensure quality control and a standard of care for the Pomskies you sell with breeding rights.


-We will not allow "backyard breeding". Any and all pairings of dogs should be carefully planned out and supervised. It is the responsibility of the breeder to be sure that only the intended stud is with the female during her heat. Puppies should not be raised in the backyard either. Pups should always have protection from the elements and a heated/air conditioned space when necessary.


-No female will be bred prior to 12 months of age.


-Females will have a maximum of 5 litters and then they will be spayed.


-Breeders will have no more than 6 producing females at one time. This does not include females being held for evaluation that have not produced a litter yet or spayed females. We do not support puppy mills and only want breeders to have as many dogs as they have the space and the time for. This will vary from one breeder to the next but unless it is a multi home kennel we cannot imagine a scenario in which all the dogs needs were being met with a kennel any larger than this.


-Breeders will offer a 2 year health guarantee on all puppies sold.


-Puppies will be sold on a strict spay/neuter agreement unless the new owner has been carefully reviewed and is willing to uphold PCA breeding standards..


-Breeders will only sell dogs in good health and will offer a full refund if puppy has a serious health issue of any kind within the first 72 hours. (Barring injuries resulting after the puppy went to it's new home of course.)


-Breeders will be available for questions and concerns for the lifetime of the puppy.


-Breeders will be honest in all dealings with customers and fellow breeders.


-Breeders will only use photos of dogs that they own, have used for stud service or have permission to use.


-Breeders will not speak ill of other PCA members. Contributing to rumors and smear campaigns is beneath us. When you come to us with an issue we will only consider proven facts. So be sure to use email not the phone if you are having issues with a breeder or a customer. If an issue arises it can be dealt with privately through the PCA.


-Breeders will never sell their puppies to pet stores, pet brokers or puppy mills. A puppy mill by our definition is anyone owning 10 or more breeding age females. We do not feel that it is possible for anyone to meet all of a dog's emotional needs if they own that many dogs. We only support small, in home breeders.


-Breeders will never auction their puppies off to the highest bidder. Finding the best homes for your puppies takes time and should be taken seriously.

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