Before messaging me please read carefully, this page should answer most, if not all of your questions.

Do you have a wait-list? Can I place a deposit?

We work off a deposit list. To be added you must contact me through Facebook messenger, Instagram messenger, or email to apply.  We respond faster through Facebook and Instagram. Once the application is approved, a non refundable deposit of $500 is due before we add you to the list. We do puppy picks when pups are about 5 weeks old. The order of puppy picks goes in the order of the deposit list. Many people will pass waiting for their dream puppy so we often have many puppies available even after the list has had their chance.

Whatever is left after the list has had a chance, will then be posted on Facebook and Instagram with a caption saying the puppy/puppies are available, and we will add then to the available puppies page on this site.  

Pomsky prices?

Puppies are priced accordingly and range from $3,000-$6,000 at this time. PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE AT ANYTIME. Puppies priced below $4,000 will not have traditional husky markings, for example, white, cream, or piebald. What is piebald? Imagine husky markings with spilt bleach spots on them.

Puppies priced $4,000 and up are husky marked, the smaller they are the more they are, also blue eyes are more. Our prices are higher than some other breeders out there, this is because we breed for quality and good temperaments as well as getting the Pomsky to look as close to a mini husky as possible. Our Poms and Huskies we started our lines with were bought for thousands, not hundreds!

Do you offer shipping? 

We try not to ship cargo unless we have to but if we do that is $350. The price for a flight nanny is $500-$600 within the USA. We are no longer shipping overseas, we will only ship to Canada or Mexico and price varies. A flight nanny takes the puppy on board with them and they can give them the attention they need. We want the best possible care for our babies! However, we strongly prefer you flew to the nearest airport which is Phoenix AZ to pick up your puppy. The airport in Prescott is now doing flights as well but they require the puppy be 10 weeks old and we prefer you pick up at 8 weeks in phoenix. Using a nanny is great but they fly on stand by so that makes planning difficult, when flying on stand by you won't know flight info until a few days before and plans may still change because flights can fill up last minute.

Health Guarantee?

All parents are health tested through Embark, but our puppies come with a 1 and a half year health guarantee, with the option of an additional 6 months providing you keep your puppy on the Nuvet Supplement we recommend for optimal health. The health guarantee works against genetic/congenital diseases that cause death of the dog in the first 2 years. This is in our contract.

What is the adult Pomsky size?

Pomskies can range anywhere between 6-38 pounds. We no longer have Pomskies as big as 38 pounds so although that is typical for the breed, we have come a long way in the evolution of Pomskies so ours are typically 6-30. Anything under 8 is extremely rare right now. We give weight estimates when they are about 5 weeks old, which is why we wait until then to price and sell them. We have learned a lot and have a good idea of which puppies will be on the larger or smaller scale but we can not guarantee size. 

What percentages do you breed?

First, remember the Husky percentage always goes first this is how the PCA does this, I think other breeders do it the opposite. We no longer breed 25/75's as they look more pomy than we would like and we still get those sizes with other higher husky content pups. You may see these percentages of Husky, 31.25%, 37.5%, 46%, 50%, 56%, and 62.5%. Pretty soon we wont have a percentage to give because as we are getting so many generations out, they will just be multi gen Pomskies. With all percentages the weight range doesn't change much. We still have the potential to get a super tiny puppy, or a large puppy, and anything in between. So my best advice is to be open to all percentages since all can produce the same goal for the puppy you are looking for.

Do Pomskies Shed?

They will blow their coat once or twice a year in the spring and fall, otherwise shedding is minimal. When blowing, we recommend a good groomer to brush all the undercoat out. They works wonders! We like to get our dogs groomed once a month regardless to be sure they look their best and dont shed at all.

Are Pomskies good with Cats, other Dogs, and kids?

Pomskies are fantastic with Cats, Dogs, and children! They don't have the prey drive Huskies do and there has never been a case of a Pomsky attacking a cat as far as I know, however they will play. Pomskies all around are an amazing family dog and I am convinced their the best breed ever! Just remember, socialization is key, especially in the first year of life.